AKW DigiPump M17

The AKW M17 Digital Waste Pump provides reliability, high performance in operation and is compatible with AKW’s wide range of pumped wastes.

  • 17LPM in a ‘real life’ scenario
  • Excellent pump performance
  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Easily serviceable
  • Efficient debris clearing
  • Virtually silent in operation

  • Product detail
  • Non-handed unit (to fit left or right inlet)
  • Max flow rate: 17 litres/ min
  • 22mm inlet & 22mm outlet
  • IP45 rated
  • Additional flow sensor are available for use with dual feed showers
  • 5 year warranty

Additional information

Digipump M17 with Upward Discharge Waste25451
Digipump M17 with Standard 50mm Diameter Chrome Waste25452
Digipump M17 with 90mm Diameter Chrome Waste25453
Digipump M17 with Tuff Form Pumped Waste (PGTF)25454
Digipump M17 with Screedmaster Waste25455
Digipump M17 (link pack) with Upward Discharge Waste25461
Digipump M17 (link pack) with Standard 50mm Diameter Chrome Waste25462
Digipump M17 (link pack) with 90mm Diameter Chrome Waste25463
Digipump M17 (link pack) with Tuff Form Pumped Waste (PGTF)25464
Digipump M17 (link pack) with Screedmaster Waste25465