We have recently created a guide on creating Dementia-Friendly Bathrooms, which has been produced for all those involved in Dementia care:

• health and care professionals
• relatives and carers
• specifiers and contractors involved in bathroom adaptations
• social landlords

You can download and read the full guide here and then test yourself with the 12 questions below.

What % of those aged 80+ have dementia?

What % of care & nursing home residents have some degree of dementia or severe memory loss?

Most people with Dementia have:

When selecting flooring it is best to avoid flooring that:

What does LRV stand for?

What should the minimum LRV difference be between to neighbouring surfaces to ensure sufficient contrast is achieved?

Should mirrors be included in bathroom used by people with dementia?

Bathroom door signs should feature:

What type of screen should you use?

Should you avoid the use of hidden cisterns?

People with Dementia are how many times more times likely to fall than others in the same age group?

How much higher is the mortality rate amongst people with dementia than others in the same age group 3 months after falls?