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Care Home Solutions and Services

Supporting people of all ages and abilities, your work is always diverse but that can mean it is a challenge to find effective care home bathroom solutions and services that meet the changing and sometimes demanding needs of your patients. With the right adaptations to their environment or through the teaching of new ways of doing things you can help them to get the most out of life.

At AKW, we understand the difficulties faced by people as a result of disabilities, illness, trauma, ageing and other long term conditions and are experienced in helping overcome issues in the care home. Ultimately, we can help you to help your patients live as independent lives as possible by making ordinary tasks, such as daily washing, easier to do through inclusive kitchen and bathroom design.

We provide care home bathroom solutions and services

  • Dementia friendly bathroom solutions
  • Functional yet stylish level access wet rooms for safe independent living;
  • Specialist mobility support equipment;
  • Expert, research-backed advice on how to reduce risks with bespoke dementia-friendly bathrooms;
  • Sophisticated thermostatic electric and mixer showers with temperature restrictions and clever controls that can also help carers;
  • Guidance based on fundamental design principles to guarantee kitchens are developed to offer accessibility for all;
  • Flexible solutions that adapt according to the changing needs of patients.

Dementia Friendly Bathrooms for Care Homes

What is a dementia-friendly bathroom? A dementia-friendly bathroom is one where simple but careful consideration of design can reduce the barriers that people with dementia can face in carrying out daily living activities, greatly improving their safety and preserving their independence for as long as possible. This guide highlights special design considerations and the safest types of bathroom products to address them.

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