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AKW Care wet rooms

Considerations when installing a Care Wet room

It is always important to remember that accessibility is relative to each user; meaning that what may be deemed as accessible to one individual, may not be for another. Therefore, when offering wet room solutions to people in their bathrooms, remember to carry out a full evaluation to establish the exact constraints of the user and their home, to enable the best possible solution. One of the most popular questions asked is, “which is the best option for a shower floor? A wet room former or a shower tray?” The answer is both! However, there are important factors to consider before deciding. These are needs, cost, change, environment and if there are going to be any secondary users.

As well as choosing the correct flooring, it is equally as important to decide upon the most effective accessories for the user. Grab rails and shower seats for example, are widely seen as accessible, however this is not necessarily the case. When installing any accessories into a care wet room, you need to consider all factors (previously stated) and finalise these with a visiting surveyor who will establish the best way for the items to be installed. This will include details like positioning, as well as design according to the individuals’ personal preference and taste.

Accessible wet room products, like AKW’s, can have a huge impact on people’s lives, by promoting independence and generally improving people’s quality of life. However, what is as vital to the process as the quality products is the planning, design and implementation of the adaptation.

It’s British design at its best and comes with a lifetime guarantee. That’s why we’re the trades first choice when it comes to style and installation. Beautiful, accessible and affordable!

AKW Wet Room products are available to the trade only and via a network of suppliers.

Watch our video above on how to install a wet room using AKW products or visit our videos page for installation guides for each former.

Silentflow+® Pumped Waste

  • The SilentFlow+® pumped waste is a completely new design which was created to reduce the noise associated with shower pumps and wastes.
  • Provides a silent pumped waste solution for customers
  • Bayonet or screw waste top for easy cleaning
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Screedmaster Wet Flooring

  • With Screedmaster®, you can fit a pumped waste into a floor screed without having to excavate the entire floor.
  • Enables quick and hassle free installation
  • Strong enough to cope with wheelchairs and chair legs
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Gravity Wastes

  • Various gravity waste options available. Specification sheets on each waste will be available to download shortly.
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TriForm Waste Gulley

  • Design versatility comes with a two-in-one reversible waste cover which offers to stylish and contemporary options when fitting a tiled waste or stainless steel cover, a stainless steel grating option is available for an individual look.
  • The different options of waste available mean the TriForm is suitable to use with tiles ranging from 6mm – 25mm giving much more freedom of choice the consumer and ultimately reduces labour costs.
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TriForm Linear Former

  • It is now possible to achieve everyday luxury in the bathroom with the help of AKW’s TriForm Linear former. The foundation of a beautiful bathroom, TriForm can drain even the most powerful showers quickly and efficiently, as well as accommodate a wide range of tiles. Easy to fit TriForm offers enhanced strength through its material composition, guaranteeing longevity and maintenance free installation. TriForm performs superbly and looks even better to create a truly aspirational bathroom experience.
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Pumped Wastes

  • Variety of pumped waste options
  • Easy to clean and rod from above
  • 15mm & 22mm John Guest Speedfit outlets available
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Tuff Form Threshold Kits

  • Aides in creating a defined showering area with in the wet room.
  • Made from GRP and reinforced with aluminium
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Tuff Form Pipe Ducts Kits

  • Available separately pipe duct kits fit onto the edge of the tray to avoid re-routing of existing pipework
  • Fully waterproof mouldings
  • Quick installation
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Tuff Form 900×900

  • Creates a full level access showering solution
  • Exceptionally strong to accommodate a user with wheelchair and a carer
  • Tens of thousands of installations worldwide, so it’s popular – and proven!
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Tuff Form 1800×820

  • Creates a full level access showering solution
  • Exceptionally strong to accommodate a user with wheelchair and a carer
  • Tens of thousands of installations worldwide, so it’s popular – and proven!
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