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Leak Proof Wet Rooms

As someone with the responsibility of fitting out interiors, your focus is on providing he highest quality service to your customers, with minimal need for post-installation changes or modifications. You understand what your customers want, and you know when to suggest alternatives if you feel they would be more suitable or efficient. An example of this is screeding. When installing wet rooms or accessible showers, concrete screeding is often a popular choice. However, are you aware of the risks surrounding screed flooring? If screeding is laid incorrectly, the wet room becomes a hazardous environment due to drainage issues. And, if for any reason the concrete should crack and water leaks through, the building infrastructure could be damaged. Both of these issues could have a considerable impact on your reputation, and thus your livelihood and future revenue. Download for our tips to help you 'fit and forget' and ensure your customers are left happy. 

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