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The DFG Crisis & The Better Care Fund

With the Better Care Fund (BCF) has your Health & Wellbeing Board given full consideration to: The significant savings that Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) funded adaptations can deliver. Your region's amount of local authority funded DFG contribution – is it enough and what are the consequences if it isn't? The potential need to top-up your DFG fund from the BCF to meet local demand. In our new White Paper "The DFG Crisis & The Better Care Fund", find out how well planned and timely DFG funded home adaptations can: Save your region £millions in reduced home care, residential care and hospital costs. Help your region gain a share of the £1billion of Better Care Funding that is performance related. Download for free Home Care Cost Savings Home adaptation costs are usually much lower than the home carer costs they eliminate the need for. Save up to £4.00 for every £1.00 spent on adaptations ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Residential Care Home Cost Savings A typical home adaptation, costing £7,000, can delay entry to residential care by up to 4 years, saving up to £73,000 per person (based on average home costs of £20,000 per year). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hospitalisation Costs Level access showers and fitting grab rails around the house can reduce the risk of falls by 60%. With the average cost of a hip fracture being £28,665 savings made from fall reduction alone can be significant.

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