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AKW DigiPump M17

Product Details

  • The AKW M17 Digital Waste Pump provides reliability, high performance in operation and is compatible with AKW’s wide range of pumped wastes.
  • 17LPM in a ‘real life’ scenario
  • Excellent pump performance
  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Easily serviceable
  • Efficient debris clearing
  • Virtually silent in operation
  • Extended 7-Year Warranty

Product Description

The Wireless Pump Module connects AKW SmartCare Plus® and SmartCare® Lever electric showers to the AKW M11, M17 and M20 DigiPumps® by receiving information from the shower and transmitting it to the pump.

The wireless module comes with a PCB that is plugged into the heater unit, wirelessly connecting the shower to the pump. Our range of DigiPumps® enables waste drainage where gravity drainage isn’t achievable, with the wireless module removing the need to feed wires behind existing tiling or wall panels.

Product Variations

Digipump M17 with Upward Discharge Waste
Digipump M17 with Upward Discharge Waste
Digipump M17 with 90mm Diameter Chrome Waste
Digipump M17 with Screedmaster Waste
Digipump M17 (link pack) with Upward Discharge Waste
Digipump M17 (link pack) with 90mm Diameter Chrome Waste
Digipump M17 (link pack) with 90mm Diameter Chrome Waste

Specification Sheets

DigiPump Installation Guide

M17 Spec Sheet

m17 Installation Instructions

Fault Finder

DigiPumps Brochure

DigiPumps Spec Sheet

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