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AKW Rise & Fall Bidet

Product Details

The Rise & Fall Bidet is comprised of three products which are supplied in one pack:

  • AKW Bottom-Entry Bidet with Consilio Seat & Lid which benefits from multiple adjustable wash/dry settings as well as useful care features
  • Wall-Hung Pan for Bottom-Entry Bidet which conceals bidet pipework for a modest finish
  • Rise & Fall Cistern Unit which enables the user to adjust the pan height, incorporates fold-up support arms, and houses the concealed cistern and built-in dual push button flush
  • Compatible wash basins are available separately depending on your requirements.

Warranty & Approvals

  • 2-year warranty on AKW Bidet and AKW Rise & Fall Cistern Unit (Up to 5 years with our extended warranty options)
  • Lifetime warranty on ceramic
  • Pan compliant with BS EN 997
  • Compliant with Machinery Directives 2006/42/EC and tested to EN 60335-1 and EN 62233
  • AKW are self-certifying and supplying approved flush fittings in line with current UK water regulations for compliance purposes

Product Description

Features & Benefits – Rise & Fall WC

  • Height of toilet pan can be adjusted with a flexible height range of 410-610mm from finished floor level to top of seat
  • Easy-to-use up/down buttons on right-handed arm raise and lower the toilet pan to users’ individual requirements, ideal for those living in multi-generational or multi-user households
  • Flexible height settings enable safer and easier side transfers on/off wheelchairs, shower chairs, and commodes
  • Minimalist wall-hung toilet pan creates the illusion of space and enables easier cleaning
  • Rear holes in toilet pan conceal AKW Bidet pipework for an enhanced cosmetic finish and reduction of hazards in the event of a trip or fall
  • Rimless toilet pan with direct flushing technique improves hygiene by reducing the build-up of bacteria and making cleaning easier
  • Rounded edges and corners reduce the risk of injury in the event of a trip or fall
  • Cistern unit with toilet pan can support 60st (400kg); bidet seat can support up to 23.5st (150kg)
  • Fold-up arms enable greater access when completing side transfers, with friction preventing a hard drop
  • Arms can support up to 18.8st (120kg) each and can be utilised to help users with safely navigating around the bathroom

Features & Benefits – AKW Bidet

  • Adjustable spray control offers thorough cleaning where and how it is needed
  • Instantaneous 1750W water heater offers a steady flow with no reheating period in between washes, and a choice of temperature settings
  • Powerful 350W dryer with settings that can be tailored to specific needs
  • Remote control provides users with full function control via a handheld ergonomic remote, which is easy to use and supports carers with maximising user dignity
  • Self-cleaning function ensures the spray arm nozzle and surrounding area are hygienic
  • Night light helps those with visual impairment or dementia locate the toilet in the dark or dimly lit conditions, helping to alleviate the risk of confusion
  • Quiet and efficient operation promotes user dignity while providing a reliable experience
  • Integral seat sensor prevents accidental usage by ensuring activation only occurs when the seat is in use
  • Lid and seat lift assist with front moulded grips on the lid and contrasting side tabs for easy lifting, which are more hygienic and supports those with limited dexterity
  • Quick-release seat and lid allows you to adapt the bidet for various care needs, and makes cleaning easier
  • Soft-close seat and lid is slower, quieter, and therefore safer for users, especially children
  • Seat lugs provide discreet stability when side transferring from a chair or commode
  • Strong load limit of 23.5st (150kg) ensures the bidet is suitable for a wide variety of users
  • Consilio seat features a large aperture ideal for care environments; Ergonomic seat option can be ordered separately
  • Quick and easy for your plumber and/or electrician to install with no specialist tools or prior training required
  • Bottom-entry water supply with plumbing concealed within pan
  • Easy to clean, user-friendly design, which should require very little maintenance throughout the bidet’s lifetime
  • Low-pressure mode ensures the bidet continues working efficiently during periods of low pressure

Product Variations

AKW Rise & Fall Bidet
AKW Rise & Fall Bidet 1-Year Extended Warranty
AKW Rise & Fall Bidet 2-Year Extended Warranty
AKW Rise & Fall Bidet 3-Year Extended Warranty
Rise & Fall Cistern Unit Glass (White)
AKW Bidet Remote Control
Ergonomic Toilet Seat for AKW Bidet
Consilio Toilet Seat for AKW Bidet
Bidet Splash Guard
Geberit S-Bend 90/110mm
Navlin Doc M Finger Rinse 400mm Wash Basin
Navlin Corner Wash Basin
Navlin Wash Basin 450mm 1 Tap Ho
Navlin Wash Basin 450mm 2 Tap Hole
Navlin Wash Basin 500mm 1 Tap Hole
Navlin Wash Basin 500mm 2 Tap Hole
Navlin Wash Basin 550mm 1 Tap Hole
Navlin Wash Basin 550mm 2 Tap Hole
Navlin Semi Pedestal
Navlin Full-Height Pedestal

Specification Sheets

AKW Rise & Fall Bidet Brochure

AKW Rise & Fall Bidet Specification Sheet

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