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AKW SmartCare Plus

AKW SmartCare Plus Electric Care Shower

Product Details

  • Thermostatic Control and Phased/Auto Shutdown
  • Easy push-button controls: Power, Temperature, Flow
  • 2m hose, 150kg load-bearing riser rail with easy-adjust multi-mode shower head
  • RNIB Tried and Tested and BEAB CARE Certified
  • 5 year warranty
  • Available in white (matt anti-glare finish)
  • Fully approved by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) as a Water Efficient Product
  • AKW Electric showers are not warranted for commercial use

Product Description

The care shower that looks so good everyone will want one. AKW SmartCare Plus’s Bluetooth ® Smart wireless remote means you can control it from outside the shower area; turn it On/Off, set the flow rate and bring it up to temperature from across the room or even from the comfort of your bed. Stylish push-button controls and Audible/LED Illuminated Indicators provide ultimate control and safety.

  • Easy push-button controls: Power, Temperature, Flow
  • All controls closely grouped together
  • Raised tactile symbols: +, -, Temp, Flow
  • Audible Temperature and Flow Indicators
  • LED Illuminated Temperature and Flow Indicators
  • Matt anti-glare finish
  • Rounded surfaces and edges for safety
  • BEAB CARE Certified
  • RNIB Tried and Tested
  • 10.5kW option for therapeutic use
  • Care kit: 2m hose, 150kg load-bearing rail, easy-adjust multi-mode shower head
  • Thermostatic Control and Phased/Auto Shutdown
  • Bluetooth® Smart wireless remote control (optional)
  • iShower app for iPhone

Product Variations

AKW SmartCare Plus White 10.5kw with silver/white kit
AKW SmartCare Plus White 9.5kw with silver/white kit
AKW SmartCare Plus White 8.5kw with silver/white kit
AKW SmartCare Plus 10.5kW and Wireless Interface
AKW SmartCare Plus 9.5kW and Wireless Interface
AKW SmartCare Plus 8.5kW and Wireless Interface

Specification Sheets

AKW SmartCare Plus User Guide

AKW SmartCare Plus - Installation & Instruction Manual

AKW SmartCare Plus Kit

AKW SmartCare Plus Shower Unit

AKW SmartCare Plus Top View

AKW SmartCare Lever Spec Sheet

AKW SmartCare Plus Spec Sheet

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