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Bristan Joy Care Electric Shower

Product Details

+ Instantaneous 8.5kW or 9.5kW electric shower drawing water direct from the mains supply, ideal for installations without stored hot water & second bathrooms

+ Factory settings can be adjusted at installation to suit the user requirements

+ Soft touch button, LED readout, audible bleeps (can be deactivated), lever dial & contrasting finish

+ Flexible fit with multiple water & cable entry points, digital fault code display & simple commissioning means a fast, fuss-free, new or replacement installation

+ Phased shut down feature ensures all hot water is flushed out of the shower after use prolonging the shower life

+ Adjustable 1 metre riser rail comes complete with adjustable top / bottom brackets, ideal to cover existing riser holes & tile joints

+ ThermoSafe™ Technology: Regulates the output water to minimise high/dangerous output temperatures for a safer showering experience

Product Description

Bristan takes into account the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities, without compromising on style or performance. Designed for all family use, these showers won’t look out of place in any bathroom setting.

Product Variations

Bristan Joy Care Kit 8.5kw
Bristan Joy Care Kit 9.5kw

Specification Sheets

Bristan Joy Care 8.5kW & 9.5kW Specification Sheet

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