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Evolve Body Dryer

Product Details

  • Average air outlet temperature: 70F or 20C depending on ambient temperature
  • Voltage: 220/240v
  • Amperage: 12.8amp
  • Nominal Output: 2.9kw
  • It is recommended that the Aprés™ Body Dryer is installed by an approved electrician.
  • The Aprés™ Body Dryer cable (already attached should be routed outside the shower area and connected by way of an isolator and fused down to 13 amps.
  • The Aprés™ Body Dryer has a 2 speed On/Off air control switch which can be mounted anywhere – floor or wall.
  • Manufactured in White ABS plastic.
  • British designed and manufactured.

Product Variations

Evolve Body Dryer

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