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Wall Board Corner Kit

Wall Board Corner Kit

  • Available in 900x900, 900x1200 and 1200x1200
  • Kits include all required items for typical shower, bath, bath replacement settings
  • Kit contents include panels, profiles, sealants, adhesives, fixing instructions and cleaning care pack
Super Gloss Red Kit (Chrome Profiles)900x90027145cart Buy
Super Gloss Red Kit (Chrome Profiles)900x120027146cart Buy
Super Gloss Red Kit (Chrome Profiles)1200x120027147cart Buy
Super Gloss Beige Kit (Chrome Profiles)900x90027150cart Buy
Super Gloss Beige Kit (Chrome Profiles)900x120027151cart Buy
Super Gloss Beige Kit (Chrome Profiles)1200x120027152cart Buy
Concrete Kit (Coordinating Profiles)900x90027155cart Buy
Concrete Kit (Coordinating Profiles)900x120027156cart Buy
Concrete Kit (Coordinating Profiles)1200x120027157cart Buy
Dark Lace Kit (Coordinating Profiles)900x90027160cart Buy
Dark Lace Kit (Coordinating Profiles)900x120027161cart Buy
Dark Lace Kit (Coordinating Profiles)1200x120027162cart Buy
Waters Edge Kit (Coordinating Profiles)900x90027165cart Buy
Waters Edge Kit (Coordinating Profiles)900x120027166cart Buy
Waters Edge Kit (Coordinating Profiles)1200x120027167cart Buy
Concrete Kit (Chrome Profiles)900x90027190cart Buy
Concrete Kit (Chrome Profiles)900x120027191cart Buy
Concrete Kit (Chrome Profiles)1200x120027192cart Buy
Dark Lace (Chrome Profile)900x90027197cart Buy
Dark Lace (Chrome Profile)900x120027198cart Buy
Dark Lace (Chrome Profile)1200x120027199cart Buy
Waters Edge (Chrome Profiles)900x90027214cart Buy
Waters Edge (Chrome Profile)900x120027215cart Buy
Waters Edge (Chrome Profile)1200x120027216cart Buy
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