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P12 Pump

Product Details

+ Near silent operation

+Reliable peristaltic pump design

+ Water travels through a sealed tube reducing the risk of blockage

+ Variable speed transformer allows precise control of the pump speed to match the shower flow rate

+ Standard kits include 1 x flowswitch for electric shower installations

+ Link kits have no flowswitch & are to be wired directly to a suitable shower

+ Maintenance free with a 7 year warranty

+ Low running costs due to the 24v DC efficient energy motor

+ Wall plate with quick release pump bracket

+ Suitable for electric & mixer showers. Additional flowswitch required for mixer shower installations

+ With 3 metre length of 22mm flexible pipe for improved performance

+ Not handed for quick & easy installation

+ Link directly to a Redring Selectronic PremierWP, Mira Advance ATL Flex Extra,Triton Omnicare, AKW SmartCare Plus & AKW SmartCare Lever eliminating the flowswitch, see Link Kit options

Product Description

The only quiet, unblockable & maintenance free shower waste pump

Product Variations

P12 Pump Only
P12 Link Pump Only

Specification Sheets

P12 Pump Specification

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