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Pipe Duct Kits

Product Details

Product Description

If your installation has existing pipework or requires pipe work to be routed around the walls within the showering area these can now be enclosed within our specially designed pipe work duct. Our pipe duct kits fit on to the edge of the tray to avoid re-routing of existing pipework.

  • Fully waterproof mouldings
  • Quick installation
  • Substantial savings on time and labour costs
  • Requires extra wide compensator

The Pipe Duct is supplied in two kits:

  • Kit 1 for straight length installations
  • Kit 2 is required with kit 1 for installations with an internal corner.

Product Variations

Pipe duct kit 1 for low profile/braddan/sulby
Pipe duct kit 2 for low profile/braddan/sulby

Specification Sheets

Installation Instructions

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