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Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring

Detailed Description

AKW Safety Flooring comes in a wide range of stylish colours and is slip-resistant whether wet or dry. 100% watertight, durable and comfortable
underfoot, it’s ideal for all bathrooms.

  • Long lasting, provides you with 10 years of guaranteed slip resistant flooring
  • PVC floor covering with glass fire reinforced polyester cellulose backing which allows it to be used with under floor heating
  • Phthalate free – plasticisers are based on natural resources
  • Cut to order, minimum order size is 2m x 0.5m
  • Please note that the maximum order size is 2m x 7m i.e. 14sqm, anything over this will incur an £88 surcharge for delivery.  Customers can collect larger orders without incurring the surcharge.
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