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Freestanding Portable Shower Screens

Freestanding Portable Shower Screens

  • Portable screens for splash protection
  • Two, three and four panel options at 750mm or 900mm high available
  • Overrall lengths from 1250mm to 2000mm
  • No fixing to walls required
  • 'D' handles fitted as standard for ease of movement

Detailed Description

These portable shower screens and enclosures are an alternative to fixed shower screens and enclosures and can be used to provide splash protection to carers. Useful in very small bathrooms, where access may be limited, they provide a removable solution with flexibility of placement to allow greater accessibility to the showering area.

The screens weigh between 10-13kg (22 lbs) and come fitted as standard with ‘D’ handles for ease of lifting and placement.

Freestanding shower screens can be used on shower trays and wet room floors.



750mm High Two Panel (650mm x 650mm) 750mm1300mm15166cart Buy
750mm High Two Panel (750mm x 750mm) 750mm1500mm15165cart Buy
750mm High Two Panel (1000mm x 1000mm) 750mm2000mm15137cart Buy
750mm High Three Panel (350m x 700mm x 350mm)750mm1400mm15136cart Buy
750mm High Four Panel (400mm x 225mm x 225mm x 400mm)750mm1250mm15135cart Buy
900mm High Two Panel (650mm x 650mm)9001300mm15342cart Buy
900mm High Two Panel (750mm x 750mm)750mm1500mm15343cart Buy
900mm High 2 Panel (1000mm x 1000mm)900mm2000mm15344cart Buy
900mm High Three Panels (350mm x 700mm x 350mm)900mm1400mm15301cart Buy
900mm High Four Panels (400mm x 225mm x 225mm x 400mm)900mm1250mm15345cart Buy
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