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Tilted Mirror

Product Details

  • Contemporary, minimalistic design ensures it complements a wide range of bathroom styles and schemes
  • Mirror can be tilted up or down, quickly and simply adjusted depending on the individual needs and mobility of the user
  • Accessible handles enable easy adjustment for both left and right-handed users and those with limited dexterity, whilst also helping to keep the mirror surface clean
  • The mirror is lightweight which allows for quick and easy installation with no specialist tools required
  • The mirror has 6 safe and secure fixing points for user peace of mind, and is durable, while being designed to withstand everyday use
  • Lifetime warranty for user peace of mind

Product Description

Tilted Mirror in a contemporary design which would suit the interior of any bathroom. The mirror can be tilted up or down, depending on user preference.

Product Variations

Tilted Mirror with Handle

Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet

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