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TriForm Linear Former

Product Details

  • It is now possible to achieve everyday luxury in the bathroom with the help of AKW’s TriForm Linear former. The foundation of a beautiful bathroom, TriForm can drain even the most powerful showers quickly and efficiently, as well as accommodate a wide range of tiles. Easy to fit TriForm offers enhanced strength through its material composition, guaranteeing longevity and maintenance free installation. TriForm performs superbly and looks even better to create a truly aspirational bathroom experience.

Product Description

  • On-trend contemporary style
  • Exceptional draining, capable of handling 78 litres p/m through 3 easy fit wastes
  • Integral trough, providing excellent water proofing and no need for silicone
  • Easily trimmed to within 100mm of the waste
  • Pre-keys surface, saving time on preparation
  • 40st weight capacity
  • Reversible 2 in 1 waste cover offering 2 different finishes – Tiled or brushed stainless steel
  • Made from 100% recyclable material
  • Lifetime warranty in Linear Former
  • 5 year warranty on drain and waste components

Product Variations

TriForm 900x900 Former
TriForm 1000x1000 Former
TriForm 1300x820 Former
TriForm 1200x1200 Former
TriForm 900x1200 Former

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