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Tuff Form 1400×900

Product Details

  • Creates a full level access showering solution
  • Exceptionally strong to accommodate a user with wheelchair and a carer
  • Tens of thousands of installations worldwide, so it’s popular – and proven!
  • Fully recyclable, made from reusable plastic
  • Superior strength and rigidity providing excellent water integrity with comfort and safety underfoot
Tuff Form 1400x900
Tuff Form 1400x900
Tuff Form 1400x900
Tuff Form 1400x900

Product Description

Helping you create wet floor shower areas and multi-user bathrooms, Tuff Form® makes excellent use of available space

  • Suitable for both wooden and solid floors
  • Formed from compressed GRP which allows the Tuff Form® to be cut to length or trimmed to within 150mm of the waste without losing any strength integrity
  • The ribbed design of the underside eliminates slippage or float during installation
  • Offset waste position to avoid joists pipework
  • Tuff Form® depth is 22mm
  • Easily trimmed on site to enable fast and simple installation
  • Pre-formed fixing holes
  • Guaranteed for life

Product Variations

Tuff Form 1400x900 Former
Tuff Form 1400x900mm Former with TF75 Gravity Waste for vinyl flooring
Tuff Form 1400x900 former with GW50 waste and waste adaptor

Specification Sheets

Specification Sheet

Tuff Form Installation Instructions

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