The Social Housing Ageing & Disability Crisis

Almost half of social housing tenants have a limiting or long-term illness or disability

Allied to our rapidly ageing population and the rising number of people developing dementia, the need to provide safe social housing for those who are older and/or less able is becoming increasingly urgent and intense. A major piece of recent research by the Smith Institute forecasts that by 2034 there will be 170,000 more residents with mobility problems living in housing association properties and 45,000 more with serious memory loss problems. The need to provide safe social housing for those who are older and/or disabled is becoming increasingly urgent and intense.

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The Challenges

The whitepaper is centred around 6 challenges that the social housing market faces:

  1. Our rapidly ageing population

  2. Poor health and disability

  3. Movement of Older & Disabled people from other tenures

  4. Dementia

  5. Sheltered housing

  6. Younger People with Disabilities.

This guide explains what is involved within these challenges and allows room for you to digest the facts. It also highlights how flexible and future-proofed bathroom designs can help address the rapidly growing demand for safe housing that will result from these population changes.

Integration of health, social care and housing is increasingly needed to provide more cost-effective services as the population ages. The inclusion of the disabled facilities grant in the better care fund will bring home adaptations under the scrutiny of the health service for the first time and they will want to see that it saves money for health.

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How do we tackle the 6 challenges?

At AKW we like flexible and accommodating results. We have a range of solutions and guidance for tackling these 6 challenges of social housing. All of which can future-proof your bathrooms by introducing greater flexibility to housing stock at little or no extra cost.

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