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From a small Worcestershire business, AKW has grown to become the UK’s market leader in providing independent living solutions for older people, the disabled and those with mobility problems. We have over 28 years’ experience in providing innovative showering, kitchen and mobility support solutions. We are passionate about independence and keeping people living in their home for as long as possible. We work with leading Occupational Therapists, healthcare professionals and leading research institutes to design and manufacture a range of products that can meet the needs of end users. We offer a range of over 4,500 solutions to meet varying needs and support our customers with our own dedicated transport services, free national surveying service and our customer technical support.

Our dedicated and highly professional fully Scottish Disclosure-checked National Surveying Team can come to your clients home and help you plan their new kitchen or showering area. We cover the whole country, so wherever you are, we can be there for you. Our team all have ID cards with braille sticker on the back for visually impaired users to be able to confirm who they are on their visits and wear AKW branded work wear, (shirt, tie, jumper or jacket) to identify them as AKW employees when attending properties of potentially vulnerable people.

We’ll visit, carry out a quick but detailed survey and give you a recommendation for the best way to plan your space and meet your needs, just as we did with over 6000 homes in 2014.

Our simple three stage survey process:

  1. Within 10 working days of us receiving all info, an experienced AKW surveyor visits your home and takes all the necessary measurements
  2. We can discuss your needs to make sure we understand exactly what you want and provide technical advice
  3. Within 5 working days, you’ll get a 2D (or 3D for some kitchens) computer-aided drawing of what your new kitchen or bathroom will look like.

The above can also go along with a full product list and itemised quote.

Customers who we do regular surveys for include

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