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The Benefits of Bathroom Wall Panels

There are many benefits of installing AKW Wall Panels rather than tiles. Here is why...

Cost Saving

On average it’ll be 25% cheaper than installing tiles, mainly because our bathroom wall panels do not require a specialist tiler. As an addition to this, panels last much longer than tiles further saving on the full life cost.

No More Mould

We’re fed up of grout, it takes a long time to apply, it’s a nightmare to clean and after a while, it just goes mouldy. There’s no grout used with our panels, so that means no more mould.

Extra Time

AKW panels are so much quicker to fit than tiles that it’ll save you money and the effort of getting someone in or long periods of time. Of course, it also means that you’ll be without your bathroom for a lot less time, which is great.

Watertight Guarantee

A selection of our panels are now available in a patented Antibacterial Coating. This is incorporated into the panel during the production process and means once bacteria comes into contact with the surface the bacteria basically die.


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