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25 Apr 2016

Wet Room Creates Showering Joy for Jordan

- Written by Ash Bath

Jordan-watson-229x218Colchester’s Jordan Cardy has had to contend with a disability that has left him unable to move without difficulty. Aged 15years, Jordan, who also has Asperger’s syndrome, suffers from severe curvature of the spine and on August 9 underwent an operation at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, Middlesex, to alleviate the pain. This involved inserting two nine-inch metal rods into his back, which support his spine and help straighten it as Jordan grows.

Jordan’s foster-grandmother Jenny Cardy, appealed to Colchester Borough Council to fit a wet room in their home but shortly before Jordan’s operation she was informed that the council could no longer fund this.

AKW stepped in and donated a Tuff Form wet floor former and screen set, an award-winning LUDA shower and accessories to help out Jordan.

“It was a community effort,” said friend and neigbour Marylin Baynard. “Everyone got involved, which was absolutely brilliant. Once I knew of Jordan’s situation, I immediately went through the directory and found companies that provided bathrooms. When AKW was suggested, I gave them a call and a representative was round in half an hour. AKW not only did what I asked, but went above and beyond.”

“We can’t thank AKW enough,” added Jenny Cardy. “They have been extremely helpful and we will always be grateful to them. The new bathroom now means that Jordan has a choice when it comes to showering, helping to save his dignity. He is in a lot of pain and on a lot of medication, and will always be on a certain amount of pain killers for the rest of his life. The metal rods in his back will be there for the rest of his life; he can’t turn his head to the left-hand side or raise his left arm properly. It’s so good to know that AKW are there for Jordan. I can’t fault the service at all – I just don’t know how we would have coped.”

Jordan commented : “The bathroom from AKW is really good and means I can now have a shower, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. It’s brilliant.”

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