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25 Oct 2022

What is DOC M?

- Written by Ash Bath

DOC M is short for Document M. In the case of a DOC M pack, this is a product set that contains a disabled toilet for public use; it is up-to-date with the latest public building regulations and is ergonomically designed so the user has maximum comfort when using it. There is a wide verity of these packs so that a choice can be made to get the pack that will be the most suitable to the needs of different people.

There are many features that come with the DOC M pack, many of which you will find in a standard public toilet, but there are a few features that stick out and are specialised to each AKW DOC M pack. Some of these more specialised features are:

  • TMV 3 Thermostatic sequential mixer tap, this is installed to prevent people scalding themselves.
  • There is an alarm cord, this is a safety feature that means if someone falls or can’t get to and open the door then they can pull this cord and help will then come to them.
  • Strengthened mirror, so that there is less chance of it getting broken and as there is less chance that the mirror will break then there is a smaller risk to people as they are less likely to get cut by shards of glass.
  • Raised height toilet to make it easier for users to get up off the seat. This is perfect for people whose movement is restricted.

Overall, there are a lot of features that come with the AKW DOC M packs that would benefit people using a disabled public toilet. There are many other features that come with these packs, but some of them you will see in a standard public toilet, such as the hand drier and soap dispenser, whereas the ones that I have highlighted you will not and are for the benefit of the people who are going to be using these toilets.

To read more about DOC M you can visit the product page alternatively you can buy DOC M packs and various DOC M compliant products from our online shop.

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