Electric showers just got interesting

iCare has been specifically designed for super-quick and easy installation. The retro-fit footprint covers most manufacturers’ models, so you can use existing tiling, wiring and pipework. 8 electrical/8 water entry points and left or right hand wiring provide ultimate fitting flexibility and iCare is backed by a 3-year warranty and full tech support. See more below.

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Key Features

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  • Super-quick easy installation

    A range of features and benefits, designed specifically with installers in mind, make the iCare incredibly quick and easy to install in any situation.

  • 8 electrical entry points

    Enable use of existing wiring and save time. Cable can enter the unit from left or right on the top, the rear, the side and the bottom of the unit for ultimate flexibility.

  • 8 water inlet entry points

    Enable use of existing pipework and save time. The inlet pipe can enter the unit from left or right on the top, the rear, the side and the bottom of the unit for ultimate flexibility.

  • Dual power blocks

    Enable cable to be connected to the unit from either the left or right hand side for additional flexibility.

  • Retro-fit footprint

    Covers the footprint of most manufacturers’ models, meaning no re-tiling is required, existing cable and pipework can be used and installation is quicker and easier.

  • 3-year warranty

    A market-leading 3-year warranty demonstrates AKW’s confidence in the quality, reliability and longevity of its products.

  • Power output options: 8.5kW, 9.5kW, 10.5kW

    A range of power options to suit every installation and budget.

  • iShower app for iPhone: monitor frequency, water, energy used

    Use the free iShower app for iPhone to:
    • Control Power, Temperature and Flow from up to 10 metres away
    • Set a ‘Wake-Up Alarm/Shower-On’ so the shower is ready before getting out of bed
    • Receive ‘Shower Ready’ notifications when the iCare is up to temperature
    • Create individual user profiles to store personal shower settings
    • Monitor energy, water and frequency of use on simple to understand graphs

  • Phased Shutdown

    Flushes all residual hot water from the iCare and hose to make it safe for the next user, to reduce limescale by removing all standing water and for prolonged unit life.

  • Auto Shutdown

    Auto Shutdown shuts off the unit if the cold water supply fails and/or if iCare has been running for 30 minutes for additional safety and prolonged unit life.

  • Comprehensive technical after-sales support

    AKW’s team of Technical Customer Support Assistants is available by phone and email, from 8am–5pm Monday to Friday, to help with all technical and installation queries.

  • Wireless connectivity to all AKW digital shower waste pumps

    Quickly and easily connects to AKW’s range of digital shower waste pumps for ultimate speed, simplicity and flexibility.

  • BEAB CARE Certified

    Meets the additional safety standards required for electrical equipment for use by people in care situations.

  • RNIB Tried and Tested

    Fully approved by the Royal National Institute for Blind People.

  • Water Efficient Product Recommended

    Fully approved by the the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) as a Water Efficient Product.

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