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27 Apr 2016

Accessibility: Shower Screens, Curtains & Enclosures

- Written by Ash Bath

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home; this means that it is vital for this room to be accessible for everybody who lives there. This begs the question though… What makes “accessible”… accessible?

When we are discussing showering in particular, one of the key discussions is surrounding the use of shower screens, shower curtains or complete shower enclosures. Which one is best to use for each individual situation? To get a recommendation of the ideal solution to suit each user, it’s best to ask the experts and get a survey carried out by an expert from AKW who can recommend the best products for each user’s needs.

For each option, there are several factors which need to be considered and taken into account as all types have pros and cons. The needs of the user(s) are most important, but other vital considerations include how much space is available and what the style preference of the users is.

For both shower screens and enclosures, the main debate is plastic vs glass. Is one of the users likely to fall? Are they willing to compromise on style for increased safety? Plastic screens will not shatter upon impact or if somebody fell against them, meaning they’re a safer solution for the most vulnerable. For those who are in a wheelchair though, falling is much less likely so an attractive glass screen can be installed as a safe option that to many, will look a lot better.

Will all users of the shower be able to bathe alone? Or will some need the assistance of a helper or carer? If the former, then a full height shower enclosure can be installed, if it is the latter then a half height enclosure or screen can be installed so that the carer can assist the person in the shower without getting wet. If this is the selection, then a shower curtain can also be installed for the modesty of other users of the bathroom and to keep escaping water to a minimum.

When it comes to accommodating space, here at AKW we have so many different options in both glass and plastic at both full and half height. When it comes to glass screens in particular, our Larenco range of shower screens can be tailored and adapted to fit any space in any sized room. We have hundreds of different sized panels that can be fitted together in a wide variation of ways making it easy to offer the perfect configuration for each user and their needs.

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