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AKW's range of contour products are the perfect solution for making any bathroom accessible whilst also making it look stylish with a contemporary design.

Wet Room Formers: AKW's wet room formers are expertly designed to create a stylish and functional wet room space. These pre-formed trays provide a sturdy foundation for your wet room floor, ensuring efficient drainage and a watertight seal. With various sizes and configurations available, AKW wet room formers offer versatility and ease of installation for creating accessible and contemporary bathing environments.

Shower Trays: AKW offers a range of shower trays that combine durability, aesthetics, and functionality. These trays are available in different shapes and sizes to fit various shower enclosures and bathroom layouts. Engineered with high-quality materials, AKW shower trays provide a solid base for your shower, ensuring a comfortable and safe bathing experience.

Shower Wastes: AKW's wastes are essential components for efficient drainage in wet rooms and showers. These high-quality waste systems are designed to effectively remove water from the bathroom area, preventing the risk of pooling and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. AKW offers a variety of waste options, including floor drains and linear drains, to suit different installation requirements.

P12 Pump: The AKW P12 Pump is a reliable and powerful pump system designed to remove wastewater from areas where traditional plumbing methods are not suitable. This versatile pump can be used in basements, utility rooms, and other locations where the natural flow of water is restricted. The P12 Pump ensures efficient and hassle-free drainage, preventing potential flooding and water damage.

Opulence Bathroom Glass Screens: AKW's Opulence Bathroom Glass Screens bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. These high-quality glass screens offer both practicality and style, effectively dividing the shower area and preventing water splashes. With sleek designs and sturdy construction, Opulence Bathroom Glass Screens add a luxurious and modern aesthetic to any bathroom space.

Showers: Contour shower provide a wide range of showers to meet diverse customer needs. Whether you're looking for a power shower, electric shower, or thermostatic mixer shower, AKW offers reliable and efficient solutions. These showers are designed with user comfort and safety in mind, incorporating features such as easy-to-use controls, anti-scald technology, and adjustable water flow.

Modern Grab Rails: AKW's modern grab rails combine functionality and contemporary design to enhance bathroom accessibility. These ergonomically designed grab rails provide stability and support, making it easier for individuals with mobility challenges to move around the bathroom independently. Available in various finishes, AKW's modern grab rails seamlessly blend with any bathroom decor.

Closomat and SaniPro: AKW offers Closomat and SaniPro products, which are innovative and advanced solutions for enhanced personal hygiene. Closomat is an intelligent shower toilet that combines the functions of a toilet and bidet, providing a hygienic and hands-free cleaning experience.

Walk-In & Assistive Baths: AKW's walk-in and assistive baths are designed to provide safe and comfortable bathing experiences for individuals with limited mobility or disabilities. These baths feature low-level entry, slip-resistant surfaces, and various additional features like grab rails and seating options. With AKW's walk-in and assistive baths, users can enjoy a relaxing and accessible bathing experience.

Extractor Fan:
The Contour extractor fans are crucial for maintaining proper ventilation in the bathroom, removing excess moisture, and preventing the buildup of unpleasant odors. These powerful fans efficiently extract humid air from the bathroom, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth. AKW's extractor fans come in different sizes and models to suit various bathroom sizes and installation requirements.


Vent-Axia Fans
+ Designed to exceed the needs of social housing + Continous running bathroom and kitchen fans + 5-7 year warranties ...
Walk-In & Assistive Baths
Offering a range of walking in and assistive baths for different user requirements ...
Arch Grab Rail
+ Provide a stylish stability aid in the bathroom when entering or exiting the shower + Arch shape helps user to apply extra leverage to assist them t...
Wave Grab Rail
+ Wave shape helps user to apply extra leverage to assist them to stand + Available sizes: 300, 450 & 600mm + Stylish, low profile cover plates co...
Closomat Palma Vita & Palma LifeTM
+ Unique ‘hands free’ system operates the Palma Vita’s flushing, warm water washing & warm air drying functions by just pressing & relea...
Bristan Joy Care Electric Shower
+ Instantaneous 8.5kW or 9.5kW electric shower drawing water direct from the mains supply, ideal for installations without stored hot water & seco...
Bristan Opac Care Mixer Shower
+ Fully thermostatic TMV2 & TMV3 mixer shower suitable for domestic use & healthcare environments + Single lever control for temperature &...
Eco-Save Mixer Shower
+ NHS, DO8 and TMV3 approved + Achieve water and energy savings by up to 70% + Anti scald cut off within 0.2 seconds + Manufactured with no built in o...
Redring Selectronic Premier Care
+ Accurate, temperature control within + 0.5˚ for comfortable & safe showering + Matte anti-glare finish within grey stripes & raised tactile...
Triton Elina Exposed Mixer Shower
+ Ideal for use in care homes, hospitals & nursing homes + TMV3 approved thermostatic exposed concentric mixer shower + Easy to grip & control...
Triton Exe Lever Bar Mixer Shower
+ TMV2 thermostatic temperature control for added peace of mind + Automatic shutdown safety feature should either the hot or cold water supplies fail ...
Triton Omnicare Electric Shower
+ Tactile temperature dial with soft grey tones  offers helpful visual contrast + Extended riser rail kit or dual purpose grab riser rail kit availab...

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