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23 May 2016

Adaptive Solutions Doesn’t Mean Bland Designs

- Written by Ash Bath

Adaptive solutions doesn’t mean bland designs

It’s always seemed unfair that disadvantaged people should have to put up with adaptive solutions that look, frankly, utilitarian. For too long the focus has been on function rather than form. But now there are designs for adaptive living that are smart and appealing – including those for wet rooms and bathrooms.

A welcoming experience

An attractive and welcoming wet room or bathroom offers important psychological benefits for any user, and particularly for the disadvantaged person who doesn’t want to be continually reminded of their handicap. Rather than being faced with a stark room where the décor is in institutional white or an anaemic pastel shade, bathrooms or wet rooms can offer décor that’s bold and bright or stylish and sophisticated.

Superior surroundings

For example, AKW supplies Mermaid wall panels in a wide range of shades from cheerful gloss red to sleek crystal noir, with convincing finishes that include marble, pearl and polished concrete. As a replacement for conventional tiling, these wall panels are quicker and easier to install. They also eliminate the need for grouting, which is susceptible to mould that can be a problem for individuals with poor health. Mermaid panels are available with a patented anti-bacterial coating that helps create a healthier environment.

Showering solutions can now look stylish and aspirational, while still being practical for disadvantaged users. For wet rooms or low-level shower trays, toughened crystal glass screens with Stay Clear coatings provide a safe, resilient enclosure and look sensational too, especially with their chrome finish fittings.

Elegant screens

The Larenco range, supplied by AKW, caters for users who need seated showering or carer assistance, with full height, half-height and splashguard options. Elegant curved designs fit space-efficiently in the corner of the bathroom, and are easy to use with smooth sliding doors and grab handles inside and outside the enclosure.

Delight in the details

Attention to detail when selecting wet room or bathroom fittings can make a major difference, combining helpful features with a touch or luxury. A wall-hung toilet creates the look of a spacious, upmarket hotel bathroom, and is easy to position at exactly the right height for the user. Cleaning the floor becomes easier too.

Even a simple touch, such as a soft close toilet seat, brings a sense of indulgence to a basic amenity. The soft close mechanism relieves frustration for users with limited dexterity who may otherwise inadvertently drop the seat and lid. Look for a design with toughened hinges that can cope with the extra load of a user who needs to slide from their wheelchair onto the seat.

Sleek but still functional

Taps, too, can incorporate ergonomic features for disadvantaged users while moving beyond the basic, large spatula handle approach. Those available from AKW, including designs by Denova, Saphini, Civetta and Turico, offer a variety of easy grip, easy turn handles, yet would look at home in any uptown apartment.

For more information about adaptive wet room or bathroom solutions from AKW that combine stylish with sense, simply call one of our experts on 01905 823299 or email sales@akw-ltd.co.uk

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