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09 Aug 2022

AKW Awarded Employer Excellence Mark

- Written by AKW Ltd

We’re pleased to announce that AKW has been awarded the Bronze Excellence Mark by Skills Builder Partnership. This award is given to organisations that demonstrate best practice in embedding essential skills training within recruitment, staff development and/or outreach.

Skills Builder Partnership is a not-for-profit social enterprise who unites more than 800 employers, education institutions, and impact organisations around the Skills Builder Universal Framework and six principles of best practice to develop the eight essential skills that everyone needs to succeed.

AKW managers undertook the training to enhance our recruitment processes, resulting in a much clearer understanding amongst interviewers of what essential skills – such as problem solving, leadership and teamwork – we should seek in interviewees. This also provides an environment for improved recruitment processes, as more appropriately skilled people join the business, and means employees with the right skills are in position to deliver an improved customer experience, whether in Customer Services, Engineering, or Product Management.

Charlotte Treverton-Jones, AKW HR Business Partner, comments: “Working with Skills Builder Partnership has brought clarity to our recruitment systems. Candidates understand the essential skills requirements to join our organisation and are given guidance in how to demonstrate this at interview. We would encourage other companies to undertake and achieve the Excellence Mark as a way of demonstrating a fair, well-structured, and positive recruitment process for candidates.”

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