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07 Aug 2023

AKW SmartCare Lever Features in DSDC Products for Dementia Brochure

- Written by Connor

The Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at the University of Stirling has produced a brand-new Products for Dementia guide which promotes a variety of dementia-friendly bathroom products that have been accredited by the centre following rigorous assessment.

Accredited by the DSDC in 2021, the AKW SmartCare Lever Electric Shower was the first electric shower to receive dementia-friendly accreditation in the UK, and now features inside the new guide.

Designed to be used by those with limited dexterity and visual impairment, the AKW SmartCare Lever also boasts a range of intelligent features intended to make showering easier and a less daunting experience for those living with dementia.

The central paddle lever control has a matt, mid-grey finish which offers sufficient colour contrast, with red/blue temperature indicators and audible clicks for each heat setting designed to clearly communicate changes in temperature to the user.

The matt finish of the shower heater unit helps to prevents the harsh glare of bathroom lighting from potentially confusing people with dementia, with rounded edges and corners built into the stylish design for additional safety.

A 150kg weight-loading riser rail which offers built-in support and stability for those who struggle with their mobility (care shower kit is optional), is also available in mid-grey or navy blue to provide further colour contrast when needed.

Download and read the guide for yourself or visit the Dementia Services Development Centre website for more information.

For more advice on how to design a dementia-friendly bathroom, why not download the AKW Guide to Creating Dementia-Friendly Bathrooms, which was written in conjunction with the team at the DSDC.

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