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16 May 2016

Assisting the elderly and disabled with your plumbing choices

- Written by Ash Bath

Assisting the elderly and disabled with your plumbing choices

As a plumber you visit a multitude of customers on a weekly basis, but with the rising average age of UK residents, you are sure to be visiting more elderly people over the coming years. When this is the case, you want to know that you can provide them the best and safest solution, that is also reliable and unlikely to need your services again. Additionally, when working on the home of someone with a disability, illness, or mobility issue, you also want to ensure they have the best quality of life. So what’s the best solution? The answer is inclusive living solutions.

Inclusive living solutions

Products that promote inclusive living are designed exclusively for the purpose of improving the quality of life for the user. However, the days of increasing the safety in an elderly person’s shower simply by installing a handrail are long gone. Nowadays, innovative designers and manufacturers are creating a variety of bathroom-focused products which are revolutionising both the comfort and safety of the bathing processes for the elderly and disabled. For example, low surface temperature radiators and thermostat-controlled taps to avoid scalding, shutdown-timer showers to avoid burning, and level-access wet rooms to avoid slips and falls. So now, when you arrive at the home of an elderly or disabled customer, you know you can choose from the best solutions, and you’ll be able to directly improve the quality of their life.

And it works for you too…

Your time is valuable and when you go above and beyond for a customer, you don’t want it to affect your income or business revenue. But you don’t have to worry. Industry-leading inclusive living solutions are also created with the installer in mind, which means they are quick and simple to fit. With minimum fuss, you install the most suitable products and then move on to the next job i.e. fit and forget. For example, when installing wet rooms or accessible showers, concrete screeding is often a popular choice. However, if screeding is laid incorrectly and the water doesn’t drain, the wet room becomes a hazardous environment. And, if for any reason the concrete should crack and water leaks through, the building infrastructure could be damaged. But, with the latest cutting-edge wet room former (an underfloor shower tray with a built-in gradient that helps achieve a leak-proof drainage surface) you can quickly and cost-effectively create a leak-proof wet room for your customer.

Safety and reliability

By choosing inclusive living solutions created by industry front-runners, you can rest assured that the products have been designed and created in association with occupational therapists to ensure they meet the user’s needs. Additionally, they will be built to the highest standard, so you know that you won’t receive a phone call two weeks after fitting to come back and fix a leaky shower unit. With the right solutions you can simply install the most suitable products, improve the life of your elderly or disabled customer, and then move on to your next job… simple.

If you’d like to find out more about inclusive living solutions and how you can start using them on your next plumbing job, simply speak to one of our experts today on 01905 823 299 or email sales@akw-ltd.co.uk

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