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22 Mar 2017

Ban the f-word in the bathroom!

- Written by Ash Bath

Falls are the most common type of accident among the older generation. There is an increasing need to provide safer bathrooms as the population grows and ages.
Falls are the second leading cause of accidental injury deaths worldwide, with over 420,000 people dying globally as a result of falls and a further 37.3 million requiring medical attention. Falls can happen at any point in somebody’s life the risk increases with age and health condition.

Research shows that a third of people aged over 65 fall annually, with this number rising for people aged over 70 and again over 80. With this comes more than just physical injuries as one in 10 older people who fall become too afraid to leave their home. Not only do falls affect an individual person but falls in the over 65s represent more than half of all hospital admissions for accidental injury and account for more than 4 million hospital bed days each year in England.

The most obvious way to reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom is to install grab rails. Grab rails that are thoughtfully placed to suit the need of the user giving them support. It is important to also consider what objects someone may instinctively grab if they were to fall, radiators and shower rails are just some of the things that somebody falling may grab to help them.

AKW offer LST (Low Surface Temperature) radiators that are cool to the touch however they are just as efficient as a conventional radiator. Our AKW SmartCare Plus shower has a riser rail that doubles as a grab handle giving that extra bit of support. A fixed shower seat and a raised height toilet with a drop down rail make the process of getting on, off and using the toilet safer and more comfortable. There are many ways to creating a safer bathroom environment however it is essential to design an area specifically for an individual and their personal needs as what each client needs will vary.

Here at AKW design products that increase the confidence and independence of users, giving them a better quality of life.

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