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Bathroom for life

The problem of providing suitable and safe accommodation for the elderly is acutely felt by social landlords, with the biggest challenge often being the need to match available housing stock with the requirements of those at the top of waiting lists.

AKW can help. By including the ‘AKW Bathroom for Life’ adapter with Tuff Form wet room formers in a bathroom plan we can help to build much greater flexibility into both new build and refurbished properties across your stock, allowing:

1. Family bathrooms with baths to be quickly converted into wet rooms for the elderly & disabled (typically in 1/2 day)
2. Wet rooms to be converted back to family bathrooms (typically in 1/2 day)

And very importantly in the case of converting to a wet room, there will be no protracted wait for DFG assessment and processing.

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  • 75mm water trap
  • Compression pipe fitting (1 ½” / 43mm to EN1455)
  • Supplied with blanking cap for use when pressure testing pipe system and also avoids collection of building residue

A bath when full of water with a large adult, a typical 1.7m long bath can weigh up to 1/2 tonne, creating support-foot point-loadings of 125kg – equivalent to 40kg per square centimetre. Tuff Form® can easily support 4 such point loads, totalling 500kg, provided they are at least 450mm apart and are located in a rectangular pattern.

In fact, a correctly installed Tuff Form® with edge and waste region support noggins can carry concentrated static loads in excess of 125kg, applied over an area 20mm square, without difficulty. For specialist support needs it is possible to increase this further – up to 1 tonne.

Bathroom for Life installation

The AKW Tuff Form® offers superior strength and rigidity which can support a full bath and bather. Installed with a Bath to Tray Adaptor this provides an easy upgrade option from a conventional bathroom to a wet floor showering area when needed. The Bath to Tray Adapter has been designed to offer landlords and tenants a Bathroom for Life.

Talk to the experts

If you work in social housing, contact us today to book a bathroom or kitchen adaptation consultation with a member of our 60-strong team of sales and surveying experts. We can tailor a solution to your specific tenant or building and budget constraints. If you would like to request a visit then please get in touch.

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