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25 Apr 2016

New Kitchen Creates Independence for Wheelchair User

- Written by Ash Bath

Case-Study-Photos-058-229x218Mr. Paul Scarrott who is quite short and his wife Jackie, who has Spina Bifida and is wheelchair bound had difficulties with their kitchen units being too high and out of reach. 2 years ago their OT put in a recommendation to the council and they had various units in their kitchen replaced to allow them easier access.

“Our old kitchen was very high up. It was dreadful because we could not reach anything. OT helped us a lot and worked with the council to get us a new kitchen which would be suitable for Jackie (a wheelchair user).”

“Having the kitchen adapted has helped us a lot. Now, with the rise and fall hobs we can do our own cooking. Before I also couldn’t access the oven, it was really high. Now having it on a lower level helps loads”.

Jackie – “I can now help with the washing up, as the sink is on a rise and fall unit. Before I could not get my legs underneath the sink when I sat on a wheelchair. Now it is a freestanding unit which is very accessible. I can reach the taps, access the water and fill the kettle on my own.”

“Having the swivel carousel in the corner unit is also great, because in the past we could not reach deep into the cupboard.”

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