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27 Apr 2016

What is the cost of a Dementia-Friendly Bathroom?

- Written by Ash Bath

Put simply… it costs nothing.

Well, it costs no more to install a bathroom adaptation that is friendly for dementia sufferers than a bathroom adaptation that is designed for an elderly person who has no signs of the condition. So with that being the case, why don’t we make every adaptation in care homes and for older people, dementia friendly? This “just in case” way of thinking can undoubtedly futureproof thousands of bathrooms around the UK.

Key Facts

There are more than 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK

• 163,000 new cases of dementia are diagnosed in England and Wales each year

• With a new case diagnosed every 3.2 minutes in England and Wales alone, that figure is forecast to rise to over 1 million in the next seven years

• 20% of those aged 80+ have dementia

• 80% of care and nursing home residents have some degree of dementia or severe memory problems

• On average 30% of people in acute hospitals have dementia

Dementia BannerWith the above stats creating a compelling case, it stands to reason that when it comes to care home bathroom adaptations and all bathroom adaptations in the home for those over 60 it makes sense to make them dementia-friendly rooms.

All of the information about how to create a dementia-friendly bathroom are enclosed within our guide, which you can download here. In the guide, it explains that products needed for a dementia-friendly bathroom don’t usually cost any more than those for a standard bathroom adaptation for the elderly, but it is essential that the most appropriate ones are chosen and that design guidelines regarding product colour etc. are followed to maximise the safety and comfort of the person with dementia.

If you work in specialist housing for the elderly, contact us today to book a dementia-friendly bathroom consultation with a member of our 60-strong team of sales and surveying experts. They can tailor a solution to your specific resident, building and budget needs. You can request a visit at www.akw-ltd.co.uk/dementia or alternatively contact us using the details below.

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