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24 Jan 2017

Why Dementia-Friendly bathrooms are a care home must

- Written by Ash Bath

As our population ages, dementia is becoming much more dominant. 163,000 new cases of dementia are diagnosed in England and Wales each year and 80% of care and nursing home residents have some degree of dementia or severe memory problems.

The biggest challenge for homes is ensuring the environment is safe and comfortable.  Dementia impairs the senses and diminishes their perception of danger. Some rooms are typically safer than others; however the bathroom is one of the most challenging spaces for those with dementia, with many potential trip points, slip hazards, hot water outlets and confusing elements.

Dementia sufferers are twice as likely to fall compared to others in their age group. AKW can provide level-access showers or wet rooms to reduce trip hazards and grab rails and shower seats for support.

As people with dementia progressively lose safety awareness they become more vulnerable to scalds and burns. To reduce the risk of these kinds of injuries, we can provide our low surface temperature radiators. Also, our electric shower range includes AKW SmartCare Plus, which allows carers to set the temperature with a wireless remote control.

AKW SmartCare Plus is also ideal for dementia sufferers who are prone to short term memory loss as it includes a special feature that automatically shuts down the shower after 30 minutes of uninterrupted use.


People with dementia can have good long-term memory and will feel a sense of familiarity with traditional fixtures. Therefore, crosshead tap handles and lever handled toilet flush mechanisms are included in our range.


AKW are one of the leading adapted living solution specialists and can ensure only the best care is being delivered to the rising number of residents with dementia. Our products can create a dementia-friendly bathroom that reduces the barriers faced in carrying out daily activities, greatly improving their safety and preserving their independence for as long as possible.

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