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04 Oct 2022

Do I need a Shower waste pump?

- Written by Connor

Some showers don’t have enough clearance for a gravity waste, this means that water can pool and not always drain away from the shower easily. Causing it to sit in the shower area or pipes surrounding the area. AKW is proud to present a great selection of digital shower waste pumps. They offer the benefits of simple and effective installation, they’re some of the quietest on the market and are compatible with a variety of outlet size pipes.

When selecting AKW digital shower waste pumps, it’s important to realise that the system will be most efficient, most effective and at its quietest when teamed with an AKW pumped waste and an AKW SmartCare Plus Shower. These products were all designed to work together and are at their most effective when they do so.

Wireless Pump Module

The Wireless Pump Module connects AKW SmartCare Plus® and SmartCare® Lever electric showers to the AKW M11, M17 and M20 DigiPumps® by receiving information from the shower and transmitting it to the pump.

  • Supplied with matched PCB to connect wireless module to the shower unit
  • Once the wireless module is paired with the shower it will remain connected even if both the shower and pump are isolated from the mains supply
  • The module continually checks the link between the pump and the shower

Auxiliary Pump Switch

The Auxiliary Pump Switch is designed to activate the pump to drain water away without the need to turn on the shower. This helps facilitate cleaning and excess water drainage.

  • All AKW DigiPumps® can be turned on externally with the on/off switch
  • A press retractive switch that contains an internal spring so that it automatically resets back to OFF upon release
  • A wall mounted switch that works in conjunction with the pump without the need to turn the shower on
  • The pumps software has been redesigned and upgraded to accept the cable for the switch for easy connection and installation

AKW DigiPump M17

  • The AKW M17 Digital Waste Pump provides reliability and high performance in operation
  • 17LPM in a ‘real life’ scenario
  • Excellent pump performance
  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Easily serviceable

AKW M11 Digital Waste Pump

  •  Superior pump performance
  • 15mm inlet and 22mm outlet connectors
  • Pump head can be rotated to allow flow in either direction
  • Suitable for install in zone 1 or zone 2 of a shower room
  • Extended 7-Year Warranty

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