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16 Jan 2017

Easing the pain of arthritis with clever bathroom design

- Written by Ash Bath

Unfortunately Arthritis is the biggest cause of pain and disability in the UK. As well as pain, people suffer fatigue, stiffness in joints and can become increasingly weak. This often means that people living with the condition can need assistance and sometimes can no longer live alone.

However, we believe with slight changes to their physical surroundings,  life can be made  more comfortable for arthritis sufferers and the space around them more accommodating to their individual needs. We have designed and developed a range of bathroom technologies that improve the safety and quality of life of those living with arthritis.

For someone living with Arthritis one of the more difficult rooms to negotiate is the bathroom, our mobility aids such as shower chairs and grab rails can provide not only a sense of security but also can give the user more independence.

Besides support aids, level-access wet rooms allow showering without the danger of trip hazards. To help those with limited dexterity they can install long lever handles for taps and toilet flush mechanisms and also provide electric shower units including designs with large, simple buttons.

AKW’s specially developed features create arthritis friendly bathrooms that can improve the independence and quality of life for people with the condition.

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