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25 Sep 2018

How to motivate your OT clients to participate

- Written by Chris

Motivating your clients to participate can sometimes be quite difficult dependant upon a wide range of factors. Take a look at some of our top tips and ideas to help motivate your OT clients to participate during your sessions and visits.

Break the ice

It is always helpful to have general conversation with your clients before you make requests during your visit. This will help relax your client before you begin your usual routine – it will also make them feel more at ease due to the fact that they won’t feel they are “just another client” but a unique individual who you want to spend some time with.

Explain yourself

Many OT clients see multiple healthcare professionals each day who may request that they do similar things. It is important that you ask your client if he/she understands why you want to work with them – and then explain the goals of their individualised occupational therapy treatment plan.

Why no?

It’s important to understand why the patient refuses to do something you have asked or suggested – why are they saying no? Are they worried that something bad may happen, for example are they afraid of falling, are they in pain, are they depressed? Finding these answers will help you to understand why the client does not want to do therapy – and will give you a good idea of what to do to encourage them to participate (clarification, reassurance etc).

Check the clock

Just like us, trying to work when we would normally be napping will not reap great results – be sure to speak with your client and ask them to tell you when they are feeling their best and schedule your OT visits to suit these.

Be their biggest fan

Be sure to celebrate your client’s success at the end of every session, rather than just those where they meet their goals. This will help them to feel more motivated themselves to reach their current goals, and new goals. These are just some of the clever ways of encouraging and motivating your client to participate in their sessions. If you have any innovative ways that you help your clients, why not get in touch with us? We’d love to hear all about it.

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