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22 Aug 2018

Increasing Independence: ActivMotion Rise & Fall Units

- Written by Chris

On our list of top priorities here at AKW, apart from the aim of providing the world with comprehensive and affordable mobility support, are the people who install our products. Wet Rooms, Grab Rails and Showers up and down the country are picked up from an AKW supplier, installed perfectly and then left to help the user live more independently. By analysing our products, how they fit together, and the materials that they are made from – we can, and have, devised ways to make the installation of our products as easy, yet as sturdy as possible.

One of our products that fulfill the needs of independence across many home-owners living with a disability are the ActivMotion Rise & Fall Units, which can help to turn a potentially dangerous kitchen into an accessible room for people of all ages and abilities to prepare food and socialise. But what variations of these Rise & Fall Units can you install? There are three main options that offer different solutions.

– Rise & Fall Cupboard – Perfect for storing and retrieving items like cups, plates and ingredients from otherwise unreachable heights for some users.
– Wall Mounted Work Surface – Enables multi-level working space for inclusive living, can also be fitted with hobs and sinks for increased independence.
– Free Standing Work Surface – As above, but free standing. Can be used in multiple locations and easy to move when necessary.

Next time you are tasked with kitchen adaptations, you can suggest AKW Rise & Fall units as the most accessible option but also the most hassle-free option. It’s not just hassle free for the user, but for you too. Once the job is complete and been done to the correct standards (which we’re sure you will as an awesome installer) it’s highly likely you’ll never hear form that client again. Once it’s in and the remote controls are synchronised and active you are off to your next job. Fit and forget.

If your client has more bespoke needs and special requirements, then you can use our made to measure service, in which you work alongside your client and an AKW surveyor to measure up how much space that person needs at all times, even in between kitchen stations. It’s just another helping hand that not only extends to you, but also your clients.

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