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27 Apr 2016

How to Install a Wet Room on a Timber Floor

- Written by Ash Bath

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Since supplying our first bathroom solution over 25 years ago we now have in excess of one million TuffForm wet rooms successfully installed worldwide.

This installation guide and video shows the simple steps explaining how to install a wet room using the AKW Tuff Form and FormSafe Tanking Kit on a timber floor.

The AKW Tuff Form wet room former is quick and easy to install, super strong and carries a life-time guarantee. The Tuff Form can be trimmed to within 150mm of the waste making this highly flexible design quick and easy to fit on concrete or timber floors, upstairs or down, and with tiles or slip resistant vinyl flooring.

Follow the simple instructions below:

Tuff-form-900-x-9001Fitting the Tuff Form Former

  • Place the Tuff form in the position it is to be fitted and mark around the outer edge to outline the area to be cut.
  • Cut and remove the section of floor boards taking care to avoid existing pipework or cables.
  • If needed, fit your waste pipe run before continuing.
  • The Tuff Form has an off-center waste that allows it to be rotated to avoid any obstructing joists or pipework.
  • The Tuff Form MUST be fully supported so insert noggins around the perimeter of the opening with additional noggins surrounding and positioned within 100mm of the waste.
  • Position the Tuff Form in place and check it is completely level on all four external edges to ensure that the water drains away effectively.
  • Once level, use the pre-drilled fixing holes to securely fix the Tuff Form into position.
  • Secure the split waste by screwing down the clamping ring.
  • If required, board the remainder of the room to level the floor.
  • Now you’re ready to waterproof the room with the FormSafe Tanking Kit.
  • Before starting ensure all surfaces are dry and free from grease.

Formsafe Tanking KitUsing the FormSafe Tanking Kit

  • Using a brush or roller apply the FormSafe Primer to all wall and floor junctions, and across the floor area being waterproofed. This will take around thirty minutes to dry.
  • Use the FormSafe reinforcing tape to make up any required corners; cut the tape to size and fold into a 3 dimensional corner shape. Remove the backing paper and put in place ensuring a flush finish on all surfaces.
  • Fit the reinforcing tape around all edges of the room by folding in half along the pre-scored line and removing the backing tape from the top half. Once the top is in place remove the backing from the bottom and fix to the floor.
  • Place reinforcing tape to the floor wherever two pieces of membrane are to meet and remove the backing.
  • Remember to remove the backing from the edging and corners of the room before laying the membrane.
  • To lay the membrane work from the corner of the room, making sure to leave a 1-3mm expansion gap; carefully remove the backing as you go while taking care to expel all air pockets.
  • Using hand pressure, mark the position of the waste outlet. Use a sharp knife to cut around the inner edge of the drain and remove this section of the membrane.
  • Repeat the process for the remainder of the room working out from the wall until the membrane covers the full area.
  • When the floor is covered, the FormSafe Jointing Compound can be applied using an applicator gun. Apply the compound to all butt joints, pipe entries and any wall to wall, and wall to floor junctions.
  • Using the AKW Tuff Form and FormSafe tanking kit you are ready, in less than half a day, to lay optional underfloor heating, or to begin tiling using a water based grout.

Click the link to view all of AKW’s products for creating wet rooms.

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