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17 May 2017

Installers: Why Choose AKW Wet Rooms?

- Written by Chris

There are hundreds of reasons to choose a wet room former from AKW, however we can’t fit them all into just one blog – so, we have taken our favourites for you to see for yourself. Struggling to choose a supplier for your clients? Take a look at the benefits that come with AKW that will answer all of your questions.

AKW’s wet room formers come in various size options, a range of pocket-friendly prices, and different specifications which suit different needs. As well as this, they come with helpful videos which can be of use when installing the former, and additional kits which work with the formers ; avoiding all problems with installation. Most importantly, AKW wet room formers are trusted by thousands of installers – they’ve had over one million installations worldwide to be more precise!

Here at AKW, we offer formers suited for care wet rooms, as well as ones which are well suited for domestic wet rooms – there is also one former (TriForm) which crosses over and works equally as well in both environments.

Care Wet Rooms

Tuff Form : Each Tuff Form Former creates a full level access showering solution, and is exceptionally strong to accommodate a user with wheelchair and carer… up to 60 stone in fact! They also come in 9 various sizes to fit easily in any sized room.

TriForm Linear Former : A fantastic wet room former which accommodates a wide range of tiles and slip resistant flooring to ensure maximum safety for the user. Its enhanced strength guarantees longevity and a maintenance free installation process. Not to mention the luxury possibilities when thinking about linear wastes that can have a stylish metal finish or even be tiled!

Domestic Wet Rooms

DuraForm : A wet room former that makes creating a wetroom more affordable than ever! With its lightweight, easy to handle material, this former is easily cut to size and is available in seven different sizes. It also comes with a load capacity of up to twenty-five stone/158kg.

SureForm : Highly affordable, yet strong wet room former which is available in a wide range of sizes. A former that is highly adaptable to ensure that every home can enjoy the superior style and luxury that a wetroom offers. Like with the DuraForm, the SureForm comes with a load capacity of up to twenty-five stone/158kg and has an array of stylish waste options.

Let’s not forget TriForm again in this section either – with the 3 waste position options, multiple linear waste options and the flexibility when it comes to tiling, if your clients are looking for a luxury wet room it has to be TriForm.

It is not surprising that AKW are one of the leading suppliers in the UK of care and domestic wet room formers with over 25 size and spec options across the whole range (not including various waste options) plus the fact all of our formers are simple to install and are covered by warranties from 10 years up to lifetime guarantees. If you would like to find out more about how one of our formers could benefit you as an installer, and your client as a user, contact us today.

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