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13 Jan 2023

Join the AKW Water Saving Challenge

- Written by Connor

Of late, news headlines are full of cost-of-living increases and environmental impact stories, meaning it can be difficult to see how we can all help to make a difference.

Our brand-new digital AKW Water & Energy Cost Saving Guide has been purposefully written to give practical tips on how small changes in how we consume water and energy can lead to big savings, both environmentally and financially over time.

We’ve all seen how wider global events have triggered spiralling gas and electric bills for our businesses and homes, and with global warming now about damage limitation rather than avoidance, many are wondering what the facts are, and what each of us can do to make life a little easier.

Download our free guide to see what the statistics are telling us…

To coincide with the launch of our latest guide, we’re inviting you to join the #AKWWaterSavingChallenge which aims to encourage those who can, to try and keep to a 5-minute time limit when showering, with statistics showing that we typically use up to 150 litres of water during a 10-minute shower!

The start of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate our existing habits and embrace change, so to get us started, we’re giving away free 5-minute shower timers which you can stick to your bathroom tiles, wall panels, or shower screen using a handy suction cup, and can be used to keep track of your time spent in the shower.

To get involved, fill in the below form to request your timer.

Get your FREE 5-minute shower timer!


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