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Level Access Showers

A level access shower is a shower area that doesn’t have a step or lip in any way to enter the showering area. This means that people with all levels of mobility can enter the shower, from children through to grandparents and wheelchair users alike.

Removing the bath or a raised shower tray is the first step to creating a level access shower solution. Reducing the requirement for the users to step up and/or over something will dramatically reduce the risk of tripping and slipping in what is one of the most hazardous rooms in the home.

Does it have to be a wet room?

Contrary to popular belief, no. Although a wet room can have many benefits for accessibility, it’s also possible to install a level access shower tray (such as the Braddan) which can be recessed into the floor and create a completely level access solution similar to a wet room former which is installed under the vinyl flooring/tiles.

Do level access showers flood easily?

This is a common myth, but one that simply isn’t true… as long as you’ve got a well-trained and fully competent installer. If you are an installer, then you’ve no need to worry – the process of installing a level access shower is made much more simple with our recess-able shower trays and wet room formers.

Both our shower trays and wet room formers have falls in them at the perfect gradient that means that when water lands on them, it automatically runs down towards the drain/waste where it can leave the shower area.

Team this with a well-installed shower screen and the bathroom should be in no danger of flooding.

Do level access showers look ugly?

Definitely not, whether you have a recessed shower tray or wet room former, the style of the room can be made to look however the resident wishes. A wet room can use stylish tiling to create a luxury finish or can have non-slip safety flooring in a huge range of colours to suit any taste. A shower tray similarly, with tiled walls and a stylish glass shower screen, can look like the bathroom from a boutique hotel. The days of institutionalised looking bathrooms are long gone.

Are level access showers difficult to install?

When it comes to wet rooms, in particular, there’s a strong belief that the installation will be difficult and take a long time. When using an AKW wet room former or shower tray, that no longer has to be the case! Most wet rooms and level access showers can be completed in a matter of days rather than weeks, depending on the size of the room and the amount of tiling (if any) is required.

This means that the installers job isn’t as long and arduous and the resident has the minimal disturbance to their home.

‘Made Better’ is a phrase that runs through everything we do here at AKW.

It’s in finding ways to make someone’s quality of life better through independent living solutions or improving our already exceptional levels of Customer Service.

It’s in the superior quality and reliability if our products, many of which have a ‘Made for life’ warranty and which were constantly striving to make even better.

It’s in making sure that all our deliveries arrive in full and on time and improving on the most extensive product range in the UK to make your life easier as a specifier, installer or customer.

…and no matter how hard we push ourselves, we keep pushing, because we believe things can always be ‘Made Better’.

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