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11 Jul 2016

Little Things Matter – ‘Sorry we missed you’ cards

- Written by Ash Bath

As consumers, we all like nothing better than feeling good about a purchase we have just made.  Very often this feeling isn’t just about what we’ve bought, it can equally be about the experience we had whilst buying it.  It can also be the small things which can have a big impact in achieving this ‘feel-good’ factor.

At AKW we care passionately about great outcomes for our customers and end users, we’d like to celebrate the little things that, as a business, we already do in our day to day jobs which can make a difference for people. Over the course of the coming weeks on a Monday we will be posting a ‘Little Things Matter’ blog, each featuring a little thing we do as a business that make a difference.

We all know the feeling of seeing the “Sorry we missed you!” card when you miss that delivery you were waiting for. We all also know the difficulty of trying to pick the flat piece of card up from the floor. Here at AKW we know some of our end users will have mobility or dexterity issues meaning this can be an even more difficult task for them.

To try and ease the difficulty of this we created curved cards so they do not lay flat on the floor making it easier for people to get their fingers underneath to pick it up. To many this is just a little thing but for many more this can make a huge difference and can reduce the difficulty of a task to pick something up from the floor. Little things do matter.


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