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25 Aug 2016

Little Things Matter – AKW Shower screens

- Written by Ash Bath

As consumers, we all like nothing better than feeling good about a purchase we have just made. Very often this feeling isn’t just about what we’ve bought, it can equally be about the experience we had whilst buying it. It can also be the small things which can have a big impact in achieving this ‘feel-good’ factor.

Here at AKW it is about more than just an aesthetically pleasing product, it’s about functionality, practicality and efficiency. Providing the customer with a hybrid of both practicality and aesthetics is our aim, we want our customers to feel like they are at home, we want them to be comfortable and to have independence whether it be an elderly individual living with dementia, a visually impaired individual or even in a multi-user situation.

For example, where limited mobility is an issue, the customer would like a wet room with a nice glass screen or enclosure. This seems like a strong solution although there are several things that go without thought that you may not realise are an issue until the wetroom is installed.

How hard are the doors to open? If your client is in a wheelchair and struggles with strength then this could be an issue. Door rails, if you have sliding doors then the door rails on the floor maybe an issue for wheelchairs or walkers. Although not a huge issue it is the little things that matter. That’s why AKW’s glass sliding screens have a reinforced top rail and no rail on the floor, the doors open with ease because we understand the issues you may have if you struggle with your strength.

If you want your bathroom to look sleek, smooth and homely without the look of a care bathroom you may think that you either have to pick one or the other, we have a solution for that, our glass screens come in both half height and full height. Our full height screens are an excellent product if you want deflection of water and are extremely aesthetically pleasing, but what if you want the best of both? What if you want the aesthetics of a full height screen but you want the benefits of having a half height care screen? We create a full door with the option to be a half door care screen all by the twist of a handle. This is a very small thing, but to some this could make a massive difference.

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