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15 Aug 2016

Little Things Matter – Trade Counter

- Written by Ash Bath

As consumers, we all like nothing better than feeling good about a purchase we have just made. Very often this feeling isn’t just about what we’ve bought, it can equally be about the experience we had whilst buying it. It can also be the small things which can have a big impact in achieving this ‘feel-good’ factor.

We like to think that we provide an excellent experience for everyone, not just our end users but everybody. We know as an installer things can go wrong, crop up or your just in a rush and you cannot always wait for a product to be delivered for one reason or another.

In these situations, you may need to be able to go a pick the product up to save time.

If you are in a hurry to get products you can now collect your orders direct from us. At our trade counter you can pick up any orders you may have placed as soon as you need to (dependent on the stock of product).

We want to make sure you have the most pleasant experience with us here at AKW because we know that it is not always the product you receive it is the quality of service that you received with the product. We have all received poor service when purchasing a product or service and even if the end product is of good quality the service ruins the overall experience. Providing you with an all round excellent service is our main target.

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