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17 Jan 2017

What makes an accessible kitchen accessible?

- Written by Ash Bath

At AKW we focus on making fully accessible kitchens, factoring in the layout of your room, and your physical abilities and requirements. Our accessible range provides stylish and functional accessories that create inclusive kitchens whatever the space available.

Your kitchen can include: pull-down baskets which glide effortlessly, putting cupboard contents within reach; larder units with slide-out or swing-out baskets that give easy access from both sides;  corner units can feature easy-glide pull-out mechanisms, maximising storage and access. Our extra wide hinges allow doors to open much wider than normal for better, easier access. Shallow sinks let wheelchair users get much closer and are heat-insulated to protect legs.

We can also design your kitchen with wall units and ovens set at lower heights so you can reach up more easily and safely.

AKW’s range of ActivMotion® Rise & Fall units can make any kitchen accessible for every user. The convenient push button control allows you to adjust the height of the unit to suit. The ActivMotion® tables have space underneath which allows you to get closer and be safer and the ActivMotion® cupboards place content within easy reach.

We offer a range of intelligently designed accessories and from the type of unit to the layout of the room, AKW creates accessible kitchens which support your independent living, look amazing and work brilliantly.

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