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23 May 2016

The Merchant’s Guide to Bathing Solutions for People with Dementia

- Written by Ash Bath

According to the Alzheimer’ Society, there are around 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia. With an ageing population, that’s likely to rise to around two million by 2051.

Life-enhancing ideas

It’s widely appreciated that people with Alzheimer’s and dementia are happier and cope better if they can stay in their own home. Yet they face particular challenges with washing and bathing. Consequently, you’re likely to see more installers come to you for specialist sanitary and showering solutions to alleviate these issues.

Practical help

Many specialist solutions for individuals with dementia will already be familiar to you, since they also benefit physically disadvantaged people. Walk-in baths, shower seats, low lip shower trays, non-slip surfaces and grab handles can all help reduce risk for people who may be liable to forget about potential trip and slip hazards.

Dealing with floods and spills

Another frequent concern with dementia sufferers is forgetting to turn off taps, and causing flooding. While you can mitigate against the risk with pressure sensitive flood-proof plugs for baths and basins, it’s often more effective to accept the situation and install a wet room. Then it simply doesn’t matter if a tap or shower is left running.

Maintaining dignity

Dignity and self-esteem can be hard to achieve for those with dementia, and one of the most personally embarrassing aspects can be using the toilet. One simple solution is to have a brightly coloured toilet seat which makes it distinctive from other bathroom fittings. Those with have mobility problems may find a raised toilet easier to use.

Preventing burns and scalding

People with dementia can misinterpret the signals their senses send them, making them more vulnerable to scalding and burns. Elderly people in particular need the bathroom to be warm, but a low surface temperature radiator provides sufficient heat while preventing burns if a person touches or leans against it.

What if they run the water too hot in the shower? AKW, which supplies all the items mentioned in this article, offers thermostatic mixer showers with very simple temperature and pressure controls to reduce this risk. However the latest innovation provides an even more foolproof solution to this problem. Available exclusively from AKW, it’s the AKW SmartCare Plus shower.

The unique AKW SmartCare Plus shower

Specifically designed to be simple and safe to use, the AKW AKW SmartCare Plus shower can uniquely be controlled remotely by an iPhone app or wireless remote control. This means a carer can ensure a person with dementia is using it safely, while still affording them all-important privacy and dignity.

A happy room

For the more fortunate amongst us, a bathroom is a welcoming place of sanctuary and relaxation. AKW can help provide this feeling of comfort and security for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

For more information about AKW wet room or bathroom solutions you can offer for individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia, just call one of our experts on 01905 823299 or email sales@akw-ltd.co.uk

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