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25 Apr 2016

Probably the quietest Pumped Shower Waste in the World…

- Written by Ash Bath

Sometimes it is simply not possible to have a gravity waste system under a shower tray or a wet room floor, so when that is the case, the installer may need to fit a pumped waste system. AKW offers a selection of solutions for this problem, all of which will do the job well.

Sometimes though, we stop offering one solution as we have come up with a new and more effective method. This is about to happen with the PGTF wastes (Pumped Gulley Tuff Form) which have been very popular over the years and have been very effective. After the last of the remaining stock has run out these wastes will no longer be available, because we now have the SilentFlow+ waste which does the same job, only better!

The SilentFlow+ is a greatly improved product than those from the PGTF range and it has been specially designed to dramatically reduce the noise caused by wastes and waste pumps, vastly enhancing the user’s experience of the product. It does this with the introduction of flow guides and baffles which control the rate of flow and the internal dual chamber design which dampens surges of waste water. When compared to our nearest competitor’s equivalent products, our pumps are up to 10dba quieter. When our pumps are teamed with the SilentFlow+ waste this increases up to a mammoth 13dba quieter at waste level. That’s roughly the volume difference between a vacuum cleaner and a diesel truck!

Along with the sound reduction benefits of having the SilentFlow+ waste instead of the PGTF, the end user will also benefit from a new sleeker design that looks great, a quick flow rate that minimises the amount of air sucked into the pump (eliminating the ‘gulp’ noise) and the cover is easily removable with a bayonet fitting, which can also be screwed down if required.

It has a default 22mm outlet for a quick flow rate, however for pumps that fit onto a 15mm outlet, we can provide an adaptor that will allow easy installation. This makes it perfect for teaming with any of AKW’s pumps, whether that is a manual or digital shower waste pump.

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